Have Faith

I would say worry is anxiety. And I would say peace is freedom. And the internet agrees. 🙂 Thank you, Internets. Who would want to live in a prison of fear, worry and anxiety? I want to be free.

I am worried about climate change. Terrorist attacks. Kidnapping. The election. Money. Health. Marriage. Housekeeping. Job. What family, friends, strangers think of me. I have to admit. I do have anxiety. Sometimes, much anxiety. Mostly when I’m triggered emotionally and I feel vulnerable or afraid. But…


Any intelligent person would worry. According to scientists and the media, the world could explode in a fiery ball of terror from one reason or another at any moment. You could worry about that. But not one thought of worry can change what is to be.

If you are a Christian, you should know that what was, what is and what is to be has already been written. Maybe you believe that the pages of time can be changed, altered or rearranged. That time has not been established yet. But you should know this. At the very least. The ending has definitely been written. It says many times. Christ has overcome the world and God will reign forever. You should know the bible explains, our lives and innermost beings have been laid out like cards before God and He has seen our desires, thoughts and actions, now until forever. You should know, from the Bible, that God goes before us. Where we go, God has already been. What we have to do, God has already done. He has prepared a path for us. You should know this. But maybe you don’t.

We can worry. Sometimes worry can bring an idea of change. Sometimes worry can propel inventions for safety, protection and efficiency. I’m sure the invention of the gun (and all its incarnations) was worry over people, things and territory. Holding onto something that was precious and elusive. But worry is the opposite of peace. And the Spirit doesn’t grant worry, he grants peace. Peace is the 3rd fruit of the Spirit.

Why do you worry? What do you fear? What is your anxiety?

If you know you should change. If you want to change.

Simply pray: God fill me with your Spirit so I may have peace and not worry.

If we trust God. If we truly do. Then we will be filled with peace and not worry. We will have assurance in things unknown, for the future, if we love and follow God. He promised, “I have brought you this far and I won’t forsake you.” Have faith in his promises.


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