Nice Attack

Founded by the Greeks in 350 BC, Nice, France was originally named Nikaia. The Greek goddess Nike (goddess for victory) was the inspiration for the name. Victorious over the Ligurians, the Greeks would have considered Nice an important coastal city for trading. Nice was very near a Roman trading port, essential to stay competitive on the Mediterranean.

Nice is a nice town. One of the nicest.  The Mediterranean south of France is one of the most opulent places a person could go. A popular vacation spot of the rich. The south of France has been developed into the height of culture and extravagance. Built up from a trade city into a resort destination.

And on a day of celebration of independence for Nice and all of France, a madman bloodied the street. 10 days after our own national holiday of independence. (Can you imagine a terrorist attack on the 4th of July in Florida? Almost, it happened just a few weeks ago.) Both days symbolizing freedom from oppression and tyranny. Born out of the same century. France has been our ally for hundreds of years. An international symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty is a gift from our French sister.

I am heartbroken, tearful and sad after looking at the graphic pictures of violence. A wake of blood left in the path of some misguided lunatic. Mournful for our brothers and sisters in France. Devastated at the cries of those grieving their loved ones on a lonely street, in the middle of the night. I can’t imagine losing my daughter or husband in an act of violence or terrorism.

This would be a big victory for ISIS. To destroy something so nice. To pierce the darkness with terror and bloodshed. No claim to the attack has been issued at the writing of the blog post. But what other organization or state has a stake in such an attack? An ISIS victory over all that it hates: life, freedom and, in their minds, our sinful lifestyle.

But the victory is this:
we continue.
Civilization will continue and you will be counted as its enemy, ISIS.
History will remember you as thugs.

ISIS: Like the Nazis of Europe, your days are numbered. You may have small victories, but you will not win. Just like the Hitlers and Bin Ladens of the world, you will die. You and those like you will never know peace because you choose war.

Your families have been killed. I know. Your children have been hurt. I know. Your land has been scarred. I know. But the only path to peace is restraint.

In the face of death, destruction, personal injury, theft and molestation of an entire people, Gandhi promoted restraint and resistance. The Indians were being restricted and killed by England in their own country, and Gandhi called for passive resistance. They were quietly tortured, imprisoned, beaten and killed, one by one, until the world could no longer ignore what was happening. It took a long time. Longer than innate, rightful independence. But ISIS, and others like you–you have been at war even longer.

I do not totally agree with American foreign policy in the Middle East, but you have to stop. You do not have a right to kill because we believe in different things. Many came to this country (USA) to escape intolerance. To establish religious freedom. That is one of the basic principles of our nation. Our way of life. And you threaten that, ISIS.

The Malalas of the world will continue to be educated and rewarded. Culture will continue to thrive. Free markets are unstoppable. Soldiers will defend our peaceful nations and way of life. Whatever mistakes we made or make, the answer is never blood for blood. The Holy Bible reminds us that revenge is in the hands of God. You worship a god that has no power if you must do his work. Your time on this planet is coming to an end. And so is your ideology. The world won’t bear you. Civilization won’t carry you. The righteous won’t tolerate your violence.

This we know from history: Nice will endure. Civilization will be victorious. Love will win. And the terrorists of the world will spit and kick at the heels of culture and refinement. But Nice-ness will have the last say.


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