I’m Dying Over Here!

My husband says I say, “I’m dying!” way too much. I don’t know. I kinda feel like it lately.

Okay. I know I’m posting alot, but. I started my liquid diet for weight loss surgery prep last Monday and the only things to do around here are write and not eat. So buckle up.

Can I just say though-it’s not horrible. My protein shake does taste like chocolate and hint-of-foot. But it’s okay. Also, my new slogan for Jello is J-E-L-L-*puking sound*. My daughter thought that was hilarious. Or. J-E-L-L-Hell to the no. But honestly, sugar-free Jello is not bad. It’s like jiggly cherry Kool-Aid. Or my husband said, gel cherry cough drops. He’s not wrong. I ate some Jello last night and then had my gummy fiber chews and quickly decided, “Hey, these taste pretty similar. And I’m so friggin’ old.” Jello and fiber chews are the heralds of over-the-hill. Plus, sugar-free popsicles were always on my list of diet foods. These are some of the things I can have on my liquid diet.

According to my weight loss surgery clinic, The Bariatric Center of Kansas City, I need to drink that protein shake. But I can also have beef broth, Jello, popsicles, G2 sports drink and other liquid products that don’t add calories, but help you feel full and less like passing out. 🙂

Last week, I was a mess. Dizzy. Hungry. Hangry. Miserable. Emotional. Desperate. Honestly-ready to reschedule surgery.
I’m not ready!!!

This week though? More energy. Adjusting. Happy! Excited. Toughing it out. Lighter. Cleaner. Renewed.
Totally ready!!!

The 20+lb. weight loss has helped my perspective quite a bit.

If you’re considering weight loss surgery, it’s not for wimps. It’s hard. I’ve waited almost 6 months from my first seminar, through insurance approval, nutrition classes, weigh-ins, doctor appointments, counseling, CPAP acquisition and endless correspondence. Currently, through near-starvation. Coming soon though, (finally!) on December 12th, I’m ready for surgery. Thank God!

I am so ready. This is so right.

If you are considering it-for me, I just woke up one morning and knew it was time. Everything has fallen into place even when it seemed it wouldn’t. I did my research, I am so lucky to have the best doctor and everyone in my life supports this decision. They know how hard I’ve tried to lose weight without lasting success.

It’s hard, no doubt. But so very worth it. Don’t give up! Just remember, food is not your friend. Being healthy is everything. And shame has no power here. Good luck!

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