Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me. Read my blog. Cheered for me. Sweat with me. Held my hand, head, heart. Thanks to all you lovely, soft-hearted people.

Not everyone has been supportive. Some people, some family, some friends have been selfish or misguided. But I can’t control that. Nor do I want to. Just keep movin’.

Most of all, thank you to Sarah! I met her earlier this year. She had the same weight loss surgeon and was the main reason I decided to move forward. I met her in a restaurant the day before my last diet attempt on my own. That was to be my “last meal” before buckling down. She showed me her scars from surgery. She didn’t have to do that. She was our waitress*. She was brave to let us in. She was brave to get surgery. I owe her, my doctor and my husband my life.

She’s giving me her old clothes that don’t fit any more. She’s my inspiration. Thank you, Sarah. Can’t wait to catch up with you. 🙂 You look great. I owe you so much. More than I can repay. You rock.

*The fact that my waitress was a recent weight loss surgery patient on the day I decide to give dieting one last try before weight loss surgery is pretty freaking cool of God, the Universe and Destiny!

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