WLS D-day!

Today is the day. In mere hours I will be undergoing weight loss surgery. I chose the gastric bypass based on the amount of weight I have to lose and upon recommendation from my surgeon.

I have researched this topic of weight loss, surgery, health and proper diet for over 11 years. I know this is the right choice for me and I have many people supporting me. I know it’s not right for some. I know that because it wasn’t right for me 11 years ago. I had to do some stuff first.

11 years ago I walked into the same weight loss surgery clinic I’m at now. Same doctor. I didn’t even meet him though because when I went in for my first consultation? They weighed me and told me, “You need to lose 55 lbs. before we can operate.” Gah.

This affected me so deeply I wrote a play about it called FAT. It even has a line about losing 55 lbs. to get weight loss surgery which seems totally ironic. Lose weight to get surgery to lose weight? Huh??!

I needed to write that play. (I won an award for it.) Start a journey. Start writing. Write a book. Start a blog. Be confronted. Face heart failure. Face life or death decisions. Face cancer. Face addiction. If I had the surgery 10 years ago? I would have failed! And I’d be right back here anyway.

I walked into the weight loss surgery clinic 11 years later, just this past August, at the same weight from 2005. I’d gone up and down and up, but I landed in the same exact place. Ironic!

I’m just finally glad to be here. Getting help. Moving forward. Losing weight once and for all. Please say a prayer for me right now or just send some positive thoughts my way.

I really do look at this as a rebirth, born again. Salvation. I’ve been baptized twice in the church. I always felt maybe it didn’t take? 🙂 I thought maybe 3rd time’s the charm? Why not? THIS is number 3. This is my baptism. By surgery. And I’ll stand up, wave my arms and thank God for my second, third, five-hundredth chance at life.

Wish me luck. No. Wish me a better life.

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