When the Dinner Bell Rings, I’ll Be There!

My husband says his grandpa used to sing this silly song, “When the dinner bell rings, I’ll be there…” That’s me. I always looked forward to supper. Meat, potatoes, gravy, bread, butter, veggie. Look Ma, I ate all my peas! I gotta big mouth. 😀

I had a corn-on-the-cob eating contest with my brother one day before the age of 5 (but now I realize with myself because I was the only one participating). And at the end I said, “I gotta big mouth!” I was proud of my accomplishment. My brother heartily agreed with me. “You sure do!” LOL

I’ve always had a big mouth and a big appetite. But last night, for the past few days, I’ve hardly had anything. AND, I haven’t been hungry. Like, I’m skinny-girl eating and I feel like a dainty little flower. I stopped solids two mornings ago. My stomach was sore and bloated. “I better cut back,” is what I told myself. So, then it was hot broth and hot tea. Then the following day, yesterday, I had nothing before 5 pm because I had to get an ultrasound for gastric pain (no food or drink for 8 hours). I was nervous about that because I thought, “I’ll starve! I’ll kill someone or myself before 8 hours is up!!” But I was fine! I ate dinner around 7 pm.

According to that ultrasound, turns out, I have gallstones! Eeek. Still don’t know what they’ll do, surgery or meds. I hope, I really hope, they’ll take it out. It’s full of stones. I’m sure it has been for a while. I’m thinking now that I had an episode in March this year.

On my art front…
The above painting is something I’ve been working on for a while. It’s not finished but coming close. I started it several years ago when I was in art school and had an extra blank canvas that I thought I needed for school, but ended up abandoning that project, or changing it for time’s sake. So I started with old utensils and black spray paint. I’ve added some other media and now it’s a sort of multi-media collage of sorts that’s turned into a therapy piece about my weight loss journey. I’ll post when I’m finished. I just thought the plates and knives were fitting for my post today. I like the shadowy effect on some of the forks and spoons.

Weight loss=40+ lbs!!!
WEIGHT=415.0 😀


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