Typhoid Mary-Thyroid Martha

Typhoid Mary was a woman who carried typhoid, but had no symptoms. She made countless people sick, as she was a cook, and spread the disease. However, she never became ill herself.

I felt the exact opposite for the past several months. I felt like I had every symptom in the book and no doctor could diagnose the trouble. I wasn’t making others sick, I was sick with all the things. Hence, my new name-Thyroid Martha. 😉

However! I am feeling much better, happy to report! I no longer have constant nausea. I have more energy. My stomach is finally easing into my new diet. I’m able to eat more things. AND I went to the gym for the first time since surgery–TODAY!!! That was a big step. I only did about 20-25 mins, but hey! I went.

My weight is currently at 386.4, so I went down. I was stalled for about a week, but it’s going down again. I have lost in total since August 2012-126.6 lbs!! 😀

My husband got cast in a commercial for voice-over work and things are looking up for our family, in general. Today is a good day.

I’m 6.4 lbs away from 2-month goal, so I’m really happy. I see the doctor in 11 days, so I feel confident, I’ll hit the mark. I thought I might surpass my goal, but just meeting the doctor’s wants for my health is good enough!

I think my face looks thinner! What do u think? 😀

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