Love Is.

Love is not a neon sign.
It’s not an easy pick-up line.

Love is hard.
Not so fast.
Love is slow.
Love will last.

Love puts first those things that matter.
Love is a mirror too strong to shatter.

Love isn’t fragile.
But handle with care.
Love is a diamond.
Tough but rare.

When you find it, you’ll know.
It will shine pretty bright.
Love’s not a flashy neon sign,
But a brilliant, saving, eternal light.


4 thoughts on “Love Is.

    1. Aw. thanks! i sometimes hate my poetry becuz i never want it to sound amateur-ish or over-the-top. so i’ve not published my poetry due to my insecurity, so that’s really cool to hear. someone told me once that poetry doesn’t really rhyme any more and that put me in my head. sometimes my poems come out rhyme-y and that’s ok! i really appreciate ur feedback and glad u love it. I am way too hard on myself!! lol

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      1. Please keep on writing, I would love to continue seeing your work. It’s true, I like when it’s natural, it doesn’t matter if it dosn’t ryme in the tradiation way. If it comes from the heart that’s what matters

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