Shoe on the Other Foot

The Story of Cinderella from My Perspective

I just lost my husband
And now I have to care
For his one and only daughter–
Whose love for me is rare.

I have my own to think about.
He left me without a dime.
Just this enormous place
And nothing else but time.

There is plenty of work to do,
But these old hands can’t shine.
I would get down on my knees
For a daughter who isn’t mine.

My daughters can’t help.
One is blind; the other lame.
They only have their mother.
I am their only claim.

I need his daughter’s help
But she doesn’t want to work.
Her sadness lingers on
Where cold, dark feelings lurk.

She cries and sighs and sleeps.
She misses him so terribly.
I know how she feels.
I loved the man invariably.

But life goes on.
Galas are thrown.
Shoes are fitted.
Gowns are sewn.

To drink from Future’s glass,
We must make our way
Through the bitter taste of Past
And dine on delacacies today.

I hope she understands
That I miss him so much, too.
But this isn’t my first time
Losing a husband/father of two.

We all have our pain,
But she has something more.
She has legs, eyes and the rest of her life
To dance upon the floor.


6 thoughts on “Shoe on the Other Foot

  1. Amazing!! You’re an incredible writer. I really enjoyed reading this – I love the line “To drink of future’s glass we must make our way through the bitter taste of Past.” So very true. I am sorry for your loss and the pain you’ve endured. Keep writing. wish you the best

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