… With Pencil in Hand

This is my husband’s English paper from his first time at college. I really like it and wanted to repost. 27 years ago, I was a senior in high school. 🙂 Great job, Guy! I love the DiMarco twins.

Kacey Moe

Guy C. Maggio
Sylvia Edwards
English 101 1 p.m.
October 5, 1990

The blank sheet of notebook paper returns my empty stare; it waits for me to fill it with some grand ideas or profound thoughts. I’d be happy if I could even think up a
nasty limerick.

This episode of writer’s block would be unwelcome enough any other time, but now it is especially tormenting: the rough draft of my essay is due in English class and I haven’t
even found a topic.

My writing teacher, Ms. Edwards, is passing sheets of paper down each row. “These are your editor’s critique sheets,” she explains, “Get together with a partner and read over each others’ drafts. Use the editor’s sheet as a guideline for critiquing your partner’s draft.”

Well, there’s a bright spot: I’ve been exempted from the excruciating exercise of hearing other people tell me what’s wrong with my…

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