May Field Trip

Photo: Flowers from the creek bank near my childhood home, April 30th, 2017.
April showers bring May flowers!

I’m sitting here with the windows up and the fan on. It’s damp outside and sweet breezes through the screen. It’s definitely May.

Growing up in a rural community in Missouri meant soppy mornings and fresh cut grass in May. Everything would be dew-doused by dawn, even without rain.

Elementary school field trips. I remember May days because they were cool in the morning, warm by afternoon and full of field trips. Field trips were exciting. The whole day would be an adventure without any hint of panic. No class and sack lunch with soda. As a kid, new activities were welcome without any anxiety. When did that change? Outings nowadays usually invoke stress and nervousness. Why do we have to get old? Burnt? Used?

The most panic-producing element of a field trip, under the age of 12, is:

“Will I have a buddy for the buddy system??!”

I had enough friends during my elementary years to be assured a friend for field trips. So. I was good.

I remember going to a plastics factory, a General Motors automobile factory, Liberty Memorial?, Fort Osage, and Truman Library. I don’t remember what years we went where, but I remember being in 80s running shorts, on a bus with cool May air flowing through the windows on my slightly-damp hair. Buddied up and ready for lunch at 9:00 AM.

I’m going on a field trip this Saturday with my mom, husband and daughter for Mother’s Day. It’s a secret where we’re going. I do feel excited. I’ve got my buddies and I’m sure we’ll have lunch somewhere. 🙂 With windows down and hopes up!


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