I don’t think I will ever get a tattoo. But if I did I would get this.

god raise this temple

On my back? Right between the shoulder blades? Help me here, French Speakers. Did I get this right? It should say, “God has raised this temple.” Google Translator may have simplified or misinterpreted.

Or, I would get this on my arm.

heart sleeve
Wear your heart on your sleeve and leave your game on the field.

But! Arm tats are not my thing. But if they were, I would be tatted up right now!

I will probably never get a tattoo because I am a suburban housewife who has too many scars as it is. Nice to think about though. If I’m ever tied down and held at gunpoint and forcibly tattooed, I’ll have a few ideas to throw out. They probably won’t be taking suggestions though. Oh well. Heart with “Mother” in the middle it is then. That or skulls and bones. Whatever my captors decide. Go easy!

7 thoughts on “Tattoo?

  1. It’s funny. I have ALWAYS wanted a tattoo. Even went and filled out the waiver one day, but the artist had double booked me and I was not about to wait two or more hours. So instead, I went out for drinks… and have since been wondering how many more tattoos I would have by now if I had stuck around. Mine was going to say “Cogita Ante Salis” which roughly translated from Latin is “look before you leap”, or so I was told. It’s been awhile since I actually had to write it out. But with my marriage ending, my want for a tattoo is resurfacing. I guess a NEW ME sort of thing. But I want something small now. A little anchor. Or a phoenix. Small and simple on my wrist. My sister and I are planning to get them when we go on our trip in September. I feel like both of us will be bailing out though, neither of us likes needles. The irony right?

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    1. crazy! i would not wait 2 hours either. anchor sounds cool! it all sounds cool. 🙂 do it! wrist tats are cool. i love the semicolon one. i found a really cool anchor one for my friend. i can post it, if ur interested and tag you. have to find it again. love the saying u picked. thanks for sharing!

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      1. I like the semicolon one too. I considered that one but I wanted something a little bit more my own. Maybe an anchor made from a semicolon. And sure I would love to see the one you found too!

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      2. I sent it to you on your blog! Didn’t want to post since it’s not mine. 🙂 There’s a lot of cool tats with anchors online! I saw one with an infinity symbol as the rope for the anchor on someone’s wrist. Kinda cool!

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