Message in a Bottle

Last summer I wrote a letter to a friend and placed it in a bottle. I hadn’t seen her in a while and it was great to reconnect. I wanted to mark the occasion for her and show her my gratitude and love. She traveled a great distance physically and emotionally to arrive at my door. That day and her whole life, really.

I wanted to share part of the letter because I like the words so much and I wanted other people in this community to hear it. Everyone needs a reminder of how magical they are. This was written for my very brave and strong friend. But it’s a note for everyone who struggles and wonders, “Have I made a difference?” Or simply, “Does anyone care?”

If a message in a bottle is hope?
Then You are a message in a bottle.

A story carried on the waves of life.
And your message has reached my shore.

But you are so much more
Than one message in a bottle.

You are a thousand messages,
In a thousand bottles.
Touching shore in a thousand places,
Because your story is hope,
A letter full of love and grace.

Thank you for sending out
and sharing your message.

You’ve touched hundreds of hearts.
Probably thousands.

And this is a reminder
of that very awesome fact.

I love you, my dear. ❤

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