Her Majesty, the Pencil Princess

This my daughter. It’s her first blog! Way to go, Pencil Princess. So proud of you. Check it out! If you follow her, you’ll get to see her cool characters and designs. Love you, Sis.

Pencil Princess

Hey! I’m Lillian. This is the first post of my Pencil Princess blog. I plan to post my artwork and drawings here. I enjoy character design and hope to pursue a career as a character designer.

Crafty B, a graphic designer and blogger also on WordPress, is my mom. Kudos to her for helping me design the Pencil Princess logo! The little dots in the text looked to me like eraser shavings, which I’m known for around my house. Anyway, Crafty helped introduce me to WordPress, and without her, I don’t think I would have started this blog.

At the middle school I attended, I was required to choose between pursuing music and pursuing art. I chose music, so other than the art classes I took in elementary school, I haven’t had any formal art classes. In high school I plan to shift my focus towards art so that I…

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