Comic: Be Careful What You Wish For

This is so funny. My daughter did this for a fellow we’ve known for a long time. Friends with my hubby since high school and I’ve known him for almost 19 years. He’s so funny. But he’s always demanding I make him a sandwich. In a demeaning, yet funny way, he’s totally joking, of course. “Make me a sammich, Woman!” Poof. You’re a sandwich, Dude! lol

Pencil Princess

Below is a short comic that I made for one of my mom’s friends. Drawing this made me happy, and I’m glad I did! Crafty B helped me with adding the text in Photoshop. Without further ado, I present “Be Careful What You Wish For.”

Desert Adventurer Craig What a nice genie! Craig didn’t even have to ask for a plate. Also, I’m very proud of that genie lamp in the first panel.

LOL! Let me know what you think of this silly comic in the comments below!

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