Pink Flamingos!

My featured pic–some clouds from the other day, building into a strong shower. It’s very cloudy here on the coast, but they are those big, puffy ones (cumulus?), so white and beautiful. And I love a good rainy day and shower here and there. Love the wind that whips down the coast and the air right before a downpour.

Before I show you the coolest thing on this post, a little fashion. A little. My daughter wore this outfit to church the other day.

beach bum.jpgSo cute. Beachy sandals and rolled up jeans. So sweet. Love living here. I want this look! She also wore her heart shirt found here.


Find here!
Love spelled in binary. Geek Heart! She made it on Customized Girl! It’s on sale-super cheap at $11.97. 🙂

So. This is for my friend Carin! I told her I would post. We live near Flamingo Drive. So of course there is a pink, metal flamingo sculpture at the neighbor’s! LOL


And we have a pink flamingo stepping stone near our apartment.

flamingo step stone.jpg

The theme from Miami Vice (go listen to it! you have to!) is playing over and over in my head now. Especially the sequence with the flamingos at the beginning.

Gotta go bust some Vice-doers now. Hasta mañana, baby!

Wait. Am I Crockett or Tubbs?



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