I don’t always spell things korrectly. Or punctuate! “in the right place”. or capitalize. But dammit, I’m a college graduate!!

I have 2 two-year degrees now from Metropolitan Community College. A very liberal arts degree from the 90s. LOL And I’m very proud of this most recent degree–graphic design, an applied science! (sounds so awesome, Imma scientist! lol)

It was hard to go back to school at 36. To be surrounded by people half my age. To relearn art. To move from Photoshop User to Artist. To embrace my creativity and hone my skills.

Everyone gambled on me. And I wanted to succeed.

I finally did.

I got sick just after finishing my classes. I never applied for graduation. I tried to follow up with the school about completion and transferring some classes from UMKC, but trying to find an actual job and getting very sick just left graduation simmering on the stove. For 6 years! UGH!

Embarrassing. But I knew I had my skills. I didn’t need a piece of paper.

Well. Yes. I did. LOL But when you’re sick? Just getting out of bed is an accomplishment.

Thank you to my prof who helped me grad-geeate. I was sick for so long and to have this is healing. It’s my cap and gown, it’s my walk down the aisle, it’s my handshake. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Grad-geeated

    1. Do it! I love it. It’s difficult finding the right job, but it’s so fun to actually do the tasks of GD that I wouldn’t want to do anything else. Go for it! It’s amazing. I’m sure u’d be a natural. You have the raw talent and I’m sure several skills already.

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      1. it is hard, i won’t lie, but if ur talented, they have to look at you. Steve Martin said, “be so good they can’t ignore you!” lol i’m sure u’d do fine. blogging is actually the perfect storm of graphic design. writing, art, pictures, snippets of pretty stuff. 🙂 there are jobs out there, u just have to hustle. and u can always work for urself.

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