Tips for Online Artists

I know I’ve been reblogging PenPrin alot lately, but she’s my daughter and this article is actually really thoughtful. Just thought I would share because these are good reminders. The fact that a 13 yo could write this is cool. Good job, Lil.

Pencil Princess

I may be new to art blogging, but I have picked up a few tips by observing other artists and looking back at my own experiences with online art. Today, I wanted to write something that could be helpful to others who are considering becoming art bloggers, or maybe already have an art blog. I tried to think about mistakes I have made as well as other things I have struggled with as an artist. Let me know if these tips are helpful, or if I have missed anything important!

Inspiration is okay. Copying isn’t.

If someone has an art style you enjoy, it’s okay to take a few things from it. I like LavenderTowne’s way of drawing cute creatures, I like the way artists from Steven Universe draw faces and bodies, and I adapted my way of drawing hands from cartoons like Adventure Time. Looking at the…

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