I don’t have a map.
I didn’t bring supplies.
I don’t have any answers
To why a relationship dies.

I don’t have instincts.
I don’t have a guide.
I never had a compass.
If they said I did, they lied.

I’m lost, just the same as you.
Please don’t let me lead.
If you choose to follow me,
You’re going to find yourself in need.

I don’t know why you lost
The most important thing you ever had.
I can tell you one thing,
It’s not because you’re bad.

We are often unprepared
To navigate the trip.
Don’t worry about the end.
Start walking unequipped.

We’d never go a single place
If we waited until we’re good.
Successful people find their way
And don’t ask permission if they should.

Do what you want.
Let control and circumstance go.
If people choose to stay?
Those are the ones to know.

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