I am unpacking. Sorting through old papers. And I just found some old poetry. Gah!

Why does reading old writing feel so bad? I wanted to wad it up, light it on fire and shove it in Kathy Bates’ mouth. (You know the very satisfying ending scene from Misery?) I don’t even know Kathy Bates, but I’m sure she’s a fine gal who I would very much admire.

I had a flash of disgust followed by the immediate desire to destroy my physical poems. Will I look back at craftiebeaver.com in a few years and trash the whole site?

I hope not.

I truly think I’m a different person finally. At least a positive person who isn’t desperately lonely and self-indulgent. But maybe this blog is just that?

I hope not. I hope you, dear Readers, get something out of it. I know I get much out of this community. Thoughts and ideas make the world a better place. Reading makes the world a smarter place.

You’re all so smart, caring and thoughtful. This is the most tolerant community I’ve ever been in. I love it. I just read an article, too; reading makes children more capable of understanding emotions. Don’t we want that?

Just don’t let them read my ancient emo poetry. It could seriously jack them up.

I was emo before emo was a thing. LOL


6 thoughts on “Misery

  1. You are not alone in feeling ashamed over early attempts at “art.” I had a penchant for overwrought angst set to awkward meter. I shredded most of my “poems” from high school & twenty-something years. I couldn’t risk the embarrassment of you or Lilli discovering them after I died. LOL!

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    1. NO! i didn’t know that. lol i totally get it tho. when u find urself face to face with old feels, it’s pretty disgusting! esp. if ur a different person. teenagers are so gross! lol

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    1. LOL apathetic kazoo toot! ROTFLOL that is funny. i want to write a poem apathetic kazoo toot. that’s awesome. that poem the other day. oh boy! total feels. love u. it wasn’t THAT bad. lol

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