Poor in Spirit

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom…”

I can’t have a bank account
From the First National Sermon on the Mount.
The beatitudes are all about attitude.
The first blessing that Christ’s addressing
Is the condition of my heart.

Do I understand
What God had planned?
Jesus bent for Hell and sent to tell
His sacrificial story of offered glory
For the entire planet.

Do I require
The rock that is higher?
The grace that I taste
Is paid by a price that is prised
By flesh.

The question is
Do I think I need it?

Poor in spirit
Refers to lack of wealth
Not in property or coins
But in spiritual health

The answer is:
Everyone’s sick.
Overcoming sin
Is more than just a trick.

No magic here.
Someone had to die.
Jesus was born
To bring King-dom nigh.

Accepting mercy
Is easy when I need it.
Giving up pride
Is hard when I feed it.

A beggar knows
Where his hope is born.
A sinner knows
How the curtain was torn.

A beggar asks
For what he needs to live.
The King with the riches
Is the one to give.

If I think I’m rich?
Never need excused?
Forgiveness is necessary.
All stand accused.

Coming to terms
With my own depravity
Is like an astronaut re-entering
Earthbound gravity.

All I have to lose
Is the illusion of control
I was never in charge
Of saving my own soul.

It’s really simple,
Not easily done.
Give up pretense.
In that, I’ve won.

There are no deposits.
I can’t act good.
I only withdraw
From the blood-soaked wood.

Thank God for His sacrifice.
While we were still sinners.
The poor in spirit
Are the real winners
Of the kingdom.

If I’m on my knees, in dire need,
Then I appreciate the cost.
I can’t buy or bleed my way to heaven.
The price was paid for the lost
On the cross.

A poor man begs for help in street.
He knows he can’t stand on his own.
I wouldn’t want to kneel before God
Knowing I refused His loan.
I will show my receipt of divine restraint.

So. I’m poor. So poor.
In total need.
I have nothing to show.
Not one good deed.

So help me, God.
Send sweet Christ.
I accept and submit to
The Son Sacrificed.

Everyone is poor in SPIRIT before the throne of God.
All of us require the currency of Jesus.

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