Taxi Beaver!

Thanks, Guy (my husband) for my new nickname. 😀

So, I went in for training today for my new job. It’s easy! I think I will be able to do this. I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the evening and overnight. It’s a local car service with friendly customers.

It was hot today, but I’ll be driving an air-conditioned car and working mostly after the sun goes down.

TIP: Get a night job in Florida. It helps with the heat!

Speaking of tips, I hope I make some bank. I’m outgoing when I need to be and an expert at small talk. Just ask people what they do and like and you never have to say a word. Be kind, be open and let people talk about their favorite subject–themselves!

If you pay me? You can say whatever you want. lol Just be careful, you might end up as a character in my first novel. And you will die a slow, painful, embarrassing death. lol 😉

I feel obligated to watch old reruns of Taxi now. I just watched Taxi Driver the other day. So I’ll check that one off my list. If I just do a better job than Travis Bickle, I’ll be okay.

I also want to wear my plaid cabbie hat. It’s required.hat

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