Good writing is a new lover
With which you want to be,
Telling her all about
Your incredible fantasy.

Writing won’t wait.
You can’t be gone long.
Your story will up and leave you
For another writer’s song.

Write every day.
Make mad, passionate choices.
Listen to the Muse’s gift
Of many different voices.

Set them all down.
What does her chorus tell?
Sink your teeth into the flesh
Of the Muse’s pulsing well.

She swirls and floats. She stretches out.
She pounds the keys with sound.
She catches you with ragged breath,
And now your words are down.

So satisfying.

4 thoughts on “Writing

  1. A beautiful poem and excellent advice. Sometimes writing becomes more pain than pleasure, but when you read something like this you recall why you love to write.

    Liked by 1 person

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