I’m Not Your (Stereo)type

This girl! Got mad writing skills. And a deep, deep heart. ❤ So proud of the writer you've become. :*

Pencil Princess

A while ago, I wrote an autobiographical piece which I submitted to a writing contest. I just heard back from them and I was not picked as a finalist, so I am now allowed to post the piece to my blog. Half-yay! *apathetic kazoo toot*

This piece is based on personal experiences that I have had during my time in middle school. Everything is based on true events from my life! Just wanted to put that out there. None of this is made up. Even though I wish some of it was. Sigh. Anyhoo, enjoy my account of what it’s really like to be a middle school student.

“I’m Not Your (Stereo)type” by Lillian Maggio (a.k.a. PenPrin)

Since I’m going into high school soon, I figured I might as well make my contribution to the “Life of a Middle School Student” genre while I still can. Middle school isn’t at…

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