3-pub Maggio

I have 3 publications now on Amazon.

Present Tense is free today. Check it out. It’s free for about 5 days. I can’t always offer for free, but it is right now, so go grab it.

My game play manual will be on sale, so check that out! Updo Salon & Spa But it’s cheap at $2.99 otherwise. It’s a whole night of fun with your galfriends!

Then I have my newest pub, House Full of Hope, a play. Thanks for checking me out OR just joining me in celebrating my New Addition. LOL Bad joke, I know.

Writing a book or blog article or play is very much like giving birth. There is immediate joy after the delivery and you forget how bad you felt in labor. But even in the tears, even in the pain, there is joy to be found and pleasure to be experienced.

Forgive me if I’m the mom who is making you look at all the cute pictures of my new baby! LOL I’m just so excited!


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