Would you like a cup?
Freshly ground?
I’m spilling out your favorite.
Like to come up?
Do sit down.
Don’t just gulp, really savor it.

I call it Wisdom.

What do you reckon?
Have some more.
There’s plenty to go around.
Here’s your second.
Another pour.
The taste really does quite astound.

Hot and ready.
Free by the ounce.
Anyone can drink as much as they like.
Feeling unsteady?
By all accounts,
It’s the buzz about to strike.

Some people are immune.
They guzzle and swallow,
But they never realize the truth.
Feed them with a spoon.
Lead and they follow,
But they never cut that tooth.

You’re pretty rare–
A diamond in the rough.
You’re thirsty with questions for life.
You absolutely care,
Being not enough,
You dissect the world with a knife.

Drink up, my friend.


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