I feel so bad! Sorry, Losers!

I was driving two weekends ago and one of my rides was from a bar. I don’t judge.

When the call came in, the lady said, “Can you come pick me up? I’m at Losers.”

Now. This bar was loud. She was drunk (thank you by the way for calling a cab!) and I *thought* she said Losers. I still don’t know this area very well. 🙂

“NO! Hoosiers!”

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

“Oh! Okay. I’ll be right there!”

I felt so bad. You’re not a loser, Ma’am. You just like to party.

Would you go to a bar named Losers?? A place you know you belong. LOL 😉

5 thoughts on “Losers

    1. Totally. lol she was my best ride. friendly, big tipper, not sloppy. and her daughter called me later from the same place. family that drinks together, rides together. or separately. lol

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