This Mess is Mine

My circus. My monkeys.

guy and lil (3).jpg

If I have to run away with the circus,
I’ll always be in your ring.
Juggle all the things you toss,
Hold the net when you bravely swing.

You make me shake and tremble.
Hold my breath, close my eyes, say a prayer.
Though I wouldn’t want to miss the show,
Watching stars burn bright in the air.

You are my circus.
You’re my car full of clowns.
You are my monkeys.
Medicine for frowns.

You’re the lion tamers,
The death-defiers,
The tight-rope walkers,
The brave high-flyers.

I never want to be out
From under the ol’ Big Top.
This is where I belong.
I don’t want the fun to stop.

So please stay in my tent.
I don’t mind the mess.
You can be my circus.
I wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Love you both.

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