She’s not here yet, but Irma’s on her way. I can’t say I’m not scared. But I’m also not in a panic. I am the appropriate amount of afraid. Category 5 hurricane sounds scary.

First of all, thank you to many friends, family and complete strangers for your concern and advice. Truly. I very much appreciate your nervousness for us. That means our family means something to you and for that I’m thankful. We are watching closely, preparing (packing, obtaining, locating all appropriate needs/essentials), and praying. We will move inland. We will not stay on the island. We will get away from the ocean. For sure. We have a plan and are asking lots of questions. AND we are not currently in the direct path. We are in the “cone of uncertainty” (love that, hope it becomes a meme). Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but we will get heavy rain and winds no matter where we are.

Second of all, I am praying for those fleeing from the storm at this very moment. It’s terrifying. Especially if you have children. But that makes me think of all people around the world right now fleeing from flooding, fighting or famine. Or trapped in those conditions. Our world is on fire or drowning, and it’s scary. Pray.

Thank you, God, for watching over and protecting us. Thank you for our many blessings. Thank you for people who care. If we live, we live for you. If we die, we die for you. Whether we live or die we belong to you. You have brought us so far to help us and not to hurt us. I trust my life to you, Lord. That I may be a blessing to others.
In Jesus’ name.

Third of all, I’m so thankful that I’ve spent the last 5 or so years ridding myself of possessions and pride. The only thing you care about when a storm is coming? Keeping the people you love and live next to safe. Things don’t matter, people do.

If you don’t have a bunch of things to worry about, you can evacuate in about an hour. If you had to. What do you really need when it comes down to it? People all around the world live with very little. I like that. I want to be like that. I am almost like that already.

We are almost packed. We have 3 jugs of water. Flashlight. Important papers. Car. Ready.

You wouldn’t know a beast of a storm is coming. The sky is bright blue today and clear as a Gulf morning ocean.

You can take my couch, Irma, but please don’t take my life, my love or my laughter. I can’t control two out of those three things, but I will always laugh. No matter what.

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