Rambling Mutters or Bad Poetry

Brains on the wall
Heart on the floor
Sputters in a stall
Grace out the door

Nerves on a knife
Feelings on a wire
At large in life
Fingers on fire

Stumbling through
Poisoned issue
Crumbling view
Rotting tissue

Leaving trees
Melting ice
War in the streets
Political heist

Death and destruction
Bitter blood boiling
Constant insurrection
Clockwork uncoiling

The world is hard
Change is real
Everyone is scarred
If there’s something to heal

The world seems dark
Impossible in scope
But it only takes a spark
To light a forest of hope

I’m not depressed! Don’t worry! lol Sometimes, I just like words together that were never together before. πŸ™‚ Sometimes, that’s all it is.


4 thoughts on “Rambling Mutters or Bad Poetry

  1. That’s not the poem of a depressed person, but some of those images are stark (Brains on the wall!). And some puzzling (poisoned issue?). All in all, an interesting exercise in free association, it seems. πŸ™‚

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    1. yes. pretty much. πŸ™‚ people seem to like those the best. lol poisoned issue was me thinking about the multiple meanings of the word issue. can mean several different things. mainly tho, something that issues forth and it’s expelling the poison. getting rid of it, basically. but maybe that didn’t come across. :/ oh well! lol

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