White Moth of Fortune

This moth likes our front door. And we like him/her, too. He/she has been here for weeks now, off and on. Our own personal Florida welcome wagon.

With gold-laced wings
And good-luck feelings
You land upon our door

I can’t help but suppose
You bring luck to those
Who put faith upon your lore

We welcome your visit
And all your exquisite
Purity, truth and clarity

We acknowledge your grace
In resting on this place
And all your unusual rarity

You bring joy
Peace and accord
Light for the impending morn

You bring calm
Soothing charm
Hope is what you’ve borne

We want you to stay
Bring fortune today
And sweep away the storm

If you’re someone I knew
Then know I love you
Especially in this form



How to Recognize an Art Student

LOL this is hilarious. i can verify that my daughter’s drawing arm is very buff while her other arm is weak and flabby. so funny, Lilli! best yet.

Pencil Princess

I’m absolutely ecstatic to present to my citizens this finished, colored piece done in watercolor pencils! Other than my Pencil Princess profile picture, I haven’t ever finished coloring a drawing with watercolor pencils, so I’m very happy with how this one turned out.

Ever wondered how to tell art students apart from “ordinary” people? Now you can with this easy trick: is their non-dominant arm weak and noodley while their dominant arm is super buff and muscular from hours of drawing? If the answer is yes, then you have found yourself an art student.

The reason for this strange phenomenon observed in “art kids” is due to the fact that the non-dominant arm’s only primary function is delivering caffeinated beverages to the mouth if the right arm is busy, while the dominant arm is responsible for many activities (including drawing, painting, browsing memes, etc.)

Below is a depiction of…

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Optical Illusions! “3D” Zigzag Stripe Designs

Love this chevron! I am bored of normal chevron patterns, but this is cool with the shading!! Good job, Lil!

Pencil Princess

Good afternoon, Citizens! Since I’ve started more and more to enjoy making digital art as opposed to drawing traditionally, I’ve continued to update my RedBubble store with new designs. Yesterday and today, I’ve been uploading several different color palettes of a zigzag stripe design. I tried to make it look three-dimensional! Is it working??

Anyway, like my Tetromino Puzzle Patterns, these have several different colors available: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet, pink, gray, and now rainbow! If you click on “Available Products,” you get to see it on 30+ different things. Personally, I like the rainbow pattern on phone cases a lot, even though I don’t have a smartphone! LOL

Feel free to leave some suggestions as to what I should draw and design next, or what I should put on my RedBubble store! Thanks for taking…

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Cute Cartoon Skull & Crossbones Design

u’ve poisoned me with cuteness! beware me hearties. this jolly roger is adorable! good job, PenPrin.

Pencil Princess

My last few posts haven’t been about traditional drawings because I haven’t been drawing a lot lately. Instead, I’ve been shifting my focus a little more towards digital design! That’s not to say I’ve given up on drawing, but I’ve really started to enjoy doing art on the computer in addition to drawing on paper.

More specifically, I’ve been creating a lot of art for my RedBubble store! I haven’t actually made any sales yet, but I just get excited seeing previews of my designs on over 50 different products. I was thinking of new designs I could do, and decided that a cartoon skull and crossbones would be cute! Here is the link to the design on RedBubble.

The description for this piece says, “This design will make you look cool and tough! …Well, almost. The cute and cartoony style clashes with the traditionally ominous symbol of…

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Pencil Princess wrote this and I posted before she started her own page. I really love what she did here. Excellent story.

Craftie Beaver

Guest post: Lillian Maggio

My daughter wrote this. I helped edit. It was for a Ray Bradbury contest. Exactly 451 words (Fahrenheit 451). Entrants were to choose a word from a noun string. Bradbury often used strings of nouns to compose his stories. Lilli chose “crowd” from one of the lists the contest provided.

Bradbury also used onomatopoeia. She tried to imitate his style by using unconventional sound and description. I really like the way it turned out.

She is only 13, but she’s already a great writer. She’s read my stuff and watched me for years. She has a lexile score (reading level) of a senior in high school and tested as a genius in Kindergarten. To say I’m proud would be an understatement. I’m overwhelmed, humbled, thankful. She is beyond reason. She is my undeserved grace in a world full of punishment. She is intelligent, charming and kind…

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I’m Not Your (Stereo)type

This girl! Got mad writing skills. And a deep, deep heart. ❤ So proud of the writer you've become. :*

Pencil Princess

A while ago, I wrote an autobiographical piece which I submitted to a writing contest. I just heard back from them and I was not picked as a finalist, so I am now allowed to post the piece to my blog. Half-yay! *apathetic kazoo toot*

This piece is based on personal experiences that I have had during my time in middle school. Everything is based on true events from my life! Just wanted to put that out there. None of this is made up. Even though I wish some of it was. Sigh. Anyhoo, enjoy my account of what it’s really like to be a middle school student.

“I’m Not Your (Stereo)type” by Lillian Maggio (a.k.a. PenPrin)

Since I’m going into high school soon, I figured I might as well make my contribution to the “Life of a Middle School Student” genre while I still can. Middle school isn’t at…

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Commissions are OPEN!

My daughter started doing commissions. So if you need cheap art for something, she’s the best! Can’t beat the prices. She mainly does comic-based art, but she can do almost anything. Check it out.

Pencil Princess

I have been considering it for a while and have decided that I am going to accept art commissions. If you don’t know what an art commission is, it’s when someone asks an artist to create something for them. In my case, I will be doing character illustrations! Examples of my artwork can be seen on my blog, where I have artwork like my Ladybug Girl and Bee Detectives.

Character Illustrations by Pencil Princess

I can draw an already-existing character or bring your original ideas to life.

A character illustration includes a black-and-white drawing of one existing character with no background. Additional characters are extra.

Close-up (shoulders to top of head) – $1 base amount

Medium (torso to top of head) – $2 base amount

Full-body (entire body) – $3 base amount

+$1 for design of a new character

+$1 for color

+$1 for shading


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Tips for Online Artists

I know I’ve been reblogging PenPrin alot lately, but she’s my daughter and this article is actually really thoughtful. Just thought I would share because these are good reminders. The fact that a 13 yo could write this is cool. Good job, Lil.

Pencil Princess

I may be new to art blogging, but I have picked up a few tips by observing other artists and looking back at my own experiences with online art. Today, I wanted to write something that could be helpful to others who are considering becoming art bloggers, or maybe already have an art blog. I tried to think about mistakes I have made as well as other things I have struggled with as an artist. Let me know if these tips are helpful, or if I have missed anything important!

Inspiration is okay. Copying isn’t.

If someone has an art style you enjoy, it’s okay to take a few things from it. I like LavenderTowne’s way of drawing cute creatures, I like the way artists from Steven Universe draw faces and bodies, and I adapted my way of drawing hands from cartoons like Adventure Time. Looking at the…

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The Survivor

OMG! I could just die. This is so moving. Love it, Lil. And that Netflix doc was awesome. I still think Ben Eine is Banksy. LOL Love this Lambsy. 😉

Is this not the coolest??

Pencil Princess

Street Art Angel.pngI am half of a whole; my other half, a hole.

My family and I recently watched the movie Saving Banksy on Netflix. Saving Banksy is a movie about how street artists’ works are being removed from buildings and sold for high prices at auctions without the creator’s permission. My mom, Crafty B, said in a post that when I’m moved by something, I write a song about it. In this case, I drew a picture about it.

This illustration imagines a piece of street art containing two characters that was half-removed. It can also represent a situation in real life when someone you love or care deeply about is torn away from you.

My original intent was for this creature to look like a little dog boy, but my parents say that he looks like a sheep. I just wanted to create a fantastical, fun-looking animal person…

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10-Minute Or Less Drawings – Drawception

Handsome Squidward! for Spongebob fans. You know you’ve watched it. Drawception snaps from my daughter Pencil Princess. 🙂

Pencil Princess

Now, I’m not being paid to say this, but Drawception is super fun! It’s a combination of the games Telephone and Pictionary in which someone creates a game by submitting a prompt, someone else draws a picture based on that prompt within ten minutes, and the next person has to caption that picture within ten minutes. The cycle goes on for a while until a game is finished and everyone gets to see how it started and where it went. Hilarity ensues!

I played Drawception for a long time as user April Rayne. I had my ups and downs as an artist, but there were some very silly drawings that came from my time as a… Drawceptionist? Drawceptioner? Whatever. I’ve decided to share a few highlights with my dear Citizens!

Prompt: “Ghost wins first”

1 -Ghost wins first I thought that this one was very cute! I could have drawn a ghost standing…

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