The Survivor

OMG! I could just die. This is so moving. Love it, Lil. And that Netflix doc was awesome. I still think Ben Eine is Banksy. LOL Love this Lambsy. 😉

Is this not the coolest??

Pencil Princess

Street Art Angel.pngI am half of a whole; my other half, a hole.

My family and I recently watched the movie Saving Banksy on Netflix. Saving Banksy is a movie about how street artists’ works are being removed from buildings and sold for high prices at auctions without the creator’s permission. My mom, Crafty B, said in a post that when I’m moved by something, I write a song about it. In this case, I drew a picture about it.

This illustration imagines a piece of street art containing two characters that was half-removed. It can also represent a situation in real life when someone you love or care deeply about is torn away from you.

My original intent was for this creature to look like a little dog boy, but my parents say that he looks like a sheep. I just wanted to create a fantastical, fun-looking animal person…

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10-Minute Or Less Drawings – Drawception

Handsome Squidward! for Spongebob fans. You know you’ve watched it. Drawception snaps from my daughter Pencil Princess. 🙂

Pencil Princess

Now, I’m not being paid to say this, but Drawception is super fun! It’s a combination of the games Telephone and Pictionary in which someone creates a game by submitting a prompt, someone else draws a picture based on that prompt within ten minutes, and the next person has to caption that picture within ten minutes. The cycle goes on for a while until a game is finished and everyone gets to see how it started and where it went. Hilarity ensues!

I played Drawception for a long time as user April Rayne. I had my ups and downs as an artist, but there were some very silly drawings that came from my time as a… Drawceptionist? Drawceptioner? Whatever. I’ve decided to share a few highlights with my dear Citizens!

Prompt: “Ghost wins first”

1 -Ghost wins first I thought that this one was very cute! I could have drawn a ghost standing…

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Comic: Be Careful What You Wish For

This is so funny. My daughter did this for a fellow we’ve known for a long time. Friends with my hubby since high school and I’ve known him for almost 19 years. He’s so funny. But he’s always demanding I make him a sandwich. In a demeaning, yet funny way, he’s totally joking, of course. “Make me a sammich, Woman!” Poof. You’re a sandwich, Dude! lol

Pencil Princess

Below is a short comic that I made for one of my mom’s friends. Drawing this made me happy, and I’m glad I did! Crafty B helped me with adding the text in Photoshop. Without further ado, I present “Be Careful What You Wish For.”

Desert Adventurer Craig What a nice genie! Craig didn’t even have to ask for a plate. Also, I’m very proud of that genie lamp in the first panel.

LOL! Let me know what you think of this silly comic in the comments below!

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Pencil Princess Profile Picture

My daughter drew this for her user avatar. So cute. I gave her a lesson in Photoshop in detailing with the white outline and effect on the pencil skirt. 🙂 Love this idea! Lilli, you’re so talented.

Pencil Princess

I already have my amazing Pencil Princess logo (thanks, Crafty B!), but I also wanted to create a character that represented my online persona. Rather than being my website’s icon, the character would be my WordPress profile picture for when I made and replied to comments.

The original concept I had for my profile picture was a girl wearing the pencil crown from my logo. It was a simple idea, and I didn’t spend any time at all thinking about it. As I was drawing it, it became more of a chore than a fun activity. I remember that my hand was shaking by the time I finished inking because I had so little energy to work on it. And then there was the final straw: after I had outlined everything and was erasing the sketch underneath, my paper ripped. At the time, I was very upset. I would…

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An Out-of-This-World Father’s Day

Amazing! So adorable. What a lucky dad!! Love it.

Pencil Princess

Untitled drawing So cute! By the way, this is definitely a completely, 100% accurate depiction of how the moon was created. Yep.

I usually limit myself to one post a day, but I figured that I would make an exception because today is Father’s Day. Don’t worry, I’ll still have something to put up tomorrow!

I stayed up late last night to make this cute picture for my dad using my Sargent Art gel pens. He really likes science and space, so I wanted to make him something with that in mind. Also, when I was little, I used to run circles around him all the time. When he heard the song Satellite by Guster, it reminded him of that, so that’s why he calls me his satellite.

In school, I heard that Earth was hit by a very large object, and one of the chunks that broke off in the…

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Line Art: Ladybug Girl

Poof! Another cool drawing. Lilli, you’re so prolific! I love these.

Pencil Princess

LadybugGirl She looks so friendly!

Here’s another drawing of an animal-themed girl. This one is based on a cute ladybug! She was actually the first one I drew, and I had so much fun doing it. I wish I could wear that fantastic dress of hers! Again, I plan to color this soon, and I’ll upload the finished version here to my blog. I scanned the line art beforehand so that if I do create a coloring book, I can put this in it!

The obvious part of the girl’s design that makes her a ladybug is the bottom half of the dress, with the outer spotted layer covering the inner, almost leaf-like layer. These are meant to look like ladybug wings. In addition, ladybugs are social creatures, so I wanted to give her a warm and inviting expression. The iris of her eye is meant to be ladybug-shaped, as is…

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Line Art: Polar Bear Girl

This is from my daughter. I love her characters. Very cool, Lil.

Pencil Princess

PolarBearGirl She’s so cute and fluffy!

At the moment, I’m considering creating a coloring book full of animal-themed characters. I’ve drawn about four, which I’ll post periodically. An art technique that I discovered is that when I’m outlining, I’ll just go over my sketch in ballpoint pen, not worrying too much about line weight along the way. Then I’ll go over the eyes again and make certain parts thicker so they stand out. Once that’s done, I make the outline on the outer edge of the character thicker than the rest. This seems to make my artwork “pop off the page” and look like something out of a coloring book!

This polar bear girl has two buns in her hair that are meant to look like ears. Her eyes are also bears, and her parasol is a bear, too! Her earmuffs and the fluffy parts of her clothing are meant to…

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