Dark Cave Haikus

Hatred without cause
Is not protected under
The Constitution

There is no such thing
As passive hate. Apathy
Has no cause to act.

Love cannot exist
Where light does not reach in us
Rescued from the cave

Hope can be rescued
From deep inside this dark well
Love is the strong rope

Where a life is found
Brave beats furious to save
Scraps of decency

Rains may flood and drown
But humans will still reach through
The dark clouds for sun

Swim through this mountain
Dive deep for love, buoy life
Brave this river, Boy

Wipe my tears and cuts.
Dry my hands and feet. Set firm
Life upon this rock.

I wait in the dark
For splashes from brave heroes
I will not despair

Can I be found deep?
I will wait for news and sleep.
Hope is what I keep.

Deep earth womb of rock
Traumatic birth of thirteen
Life will rise through pain


Clouds in Hell

Aches and pains
But no complaints
With physical sense
Comes recompense
Once dead
Now walking where angels tread
Caught between a spell

Soft dew kisses
Mist and light remission
Stroll without sound
Feet don’t touch the ground
From below to above
I think I’m in love
Heaven help this hell

Take Me Home

I still like this one. I wrote it for my dad.

Craftie Beaver

I swing my legs from the swaying dock
Forgotten every one of my dwindling flock

I lay in fields of golden, wet, honey wheat
Drink down dew from low, golden clouds I meet

I run in those hidden dark, green trees
Places I learned to be what I please

Ravines littered with softly-fallen sins
Redeemed by desire, baptized by might-have-beens

Hay dangles through cracks and creaky joists
I break pains and panes with the ghosts of your voice

Pains of the past
Panes of glass

I fly kites with the ribs of those rotting, white windows
Catch hope with faith and sinewy minnows

Display truth and let it cool on open-sashed sills
Smoke the winnows and billows of dogged wills

Clear to the rafters of this old barn
And to the ragged fence posts on Used-to-be Farm
I love you.

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A Fatter Martha Would Have Died

I was running all over the stage during rehearsal one day and after we came home, I told my family, “A fatter Martha would have died doing all that I did today.” LOL

So. You may not believe that I was 513 lbs. I have proof.

A fatter Martha would have died.JPG

This was 2010.

My daughter had just turned 7 and we were in her first drama at our old church. One of her first acting experiences.

We’re in a show together now, too. Grapes of Wrath. I’m so proud of her. She’s still adorable!

I look at this picture and I can’t believe how big I was. My husband stayed with me through thick and thin. Mostly thick. He loved me. Told me how beautiful I was. Desired me. Even at 513.

He is my hero. The love of my life. I will never forget his loyalty. Most men would have crumbled. Ran away. Divorced me.

I want to honor you all my days, Guy. You deserve so much. You stuck by my side through illness, super morbid obesity, disease, cancer, PTSD, everything. We may have wavered a few times, but we’re still standing. I’m so lucky to have you by my side.

I never thought happy-ever-after was possible. Turns out, my first serious boyfriend would be my everlasting lover, husband, best friend, champion, hero, advocate, care giver. You’re a dream. A beautiful foggy dream of hope, love and laughter. Thank you for holding my hand through the worst years of my life and loving me back to health. I don’t deserve you or such happiness. I’m so thankful for you.

I am 257.0 right now! Progress. 🙂


Harms from self-reflection
Are immune to charms of self-protection.
Stalled on a sticky web of tangled thoughts
Tenderness trapped like flailing, flapping flies
Wrapped and stranded
On silk and surrendered sighs
Dripping like honey dewdrops
Dotting my dusty desk at dusk
I regret
And yet
I feast and toast this bitter roast of memory.

Make it Right

Buttoned up
Dressed down
Degraded as
A simple pronoun

She. It.

Tied up
Chained down
Crumpled as
A paper crown

Me. Hit.

I’m not so much hurt
As I am hate-full
I’d die tonight
Just to feel grateful

When did my words change
From pages to trash
Why would I trade
My ideas for cash

Today is wrong
Everything’s a fight
Only thing to do is
Make my mind right (WRITE)

Uncharted Sea

2 Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline.

Find what it is, or where it is, that you should be and live with fervor for God Almighty. There’s no time to do less than that.

If God is the wave
And we are the ocean
Let Him move us along
With faithful devotion

Water is deep and still until
It is acted upon by wind
It doesn’t fear, but simply responds
And that’s where living begins

You may be carried far
Be brave and take the blows
Hold on for the ride of your life
Allow the highs and lows

If you can’t raise your anchor and sails
If you can’t submit to Force
You can’t gain new ground
Without trusting the course

If you have faith in God
Look to the stars for hope and relief
You’ll be amazed at the treasures you’ll find
In sailing beyond the reef.


Coconuts and Clouds

Newly fallen coconuts
And cauliflower clouds
Blue-soaked sand
Hosts of shells in crowds

Sing to the birds
Call them from shore
Raise anchor and sail
And drop my oar

Meditate on waves
Sleep below the sun
Kissed by gentle rains–
Falling stars have come undone

Fish swarm
Water’s warm
Shadows form
Gathering storm

Wait for thunder, run for cover
Laughing the entire way
Joy to the bones when we make it home
That’s enough beach for today



Blogging from my phone. Ok after Irma. No injuries. No damage. Miraculous!!! Praise God. No internet.

Wanted to post some haikus.


Water drops on glass.

Hurricane outside our door.

Longing in my heart.


Sigh. Soaked in boredom.

The storm is at my door now.

Relief that it’s here.


In my opinion,

You’re not a Floridian

Until your first storm.

White Moth of Fortune

This moth likes our front door. And we like him/her, too. He/she has been here for weeks now, off and on. Our own personal Florida welcome wagon.

With gold-laced wings
And good-luck feelings
You land upon our door

I can’t help but suppose
You bring luck to those
Who put faith upon your lore

We welcome your visit
And all your exquisite
Purity, truth and clarity

We acknowledge your grace
In resting on this place
And all your unusual rarity

You bring joy
Peace and accord
Light for the impending morn

You bring calm
Soothing charm
Hope is what you’ve borne

We want you to stay
Bring fortune today
And sweep away the storm

If you’re someone I knew
Then know I love you
Especially in this form