Random Goat Pic

This is not a weird food animal, but a weird food for animals.

Baby goat trying to eat my flannel shirt.

This was a great day, feeding swollen baby goats and avoiding mounds of goat droppings. I sat in the shade at a local petting zoo, Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead, and this little guy loved my shirt. AW!


Loch Ness Cheeto

So, yeah. This was a Cheeto we found this summer by the pool. CheetosĀ® Brand Snacks has (or had) a contest to submit your weird Cheeto finds. I thought it looked like a giraffe’s head or, of course, Nessie. They might have used this very Cheeto to fake the infamous photo from 1934. (The Surgeon’s Photo) I don’t know how it wound up in our bag, but good that we debunked the photo finally! Once and for all.

I really want that Cheeto. I’m hungry. :/