To Dust You Shall Return

Photo: Martha Maggio, from the garden at Mount Carmel, potted Cyclamen, Israel

I know it’s not easy to love me.

Hothouse flower

Fading in the bright light
Swamped in the black of night
Wilting with any slight


Complex and rare
Complicated care
But my air is sweet
And I only bloom for you.

To my unfortunate gardener ❤
You shall turn the earth.

Crafty Beaver in Me

I’m doing more with my craft items as I have time. My husband is often annoyed at how much craft crap I have (hoarded/stashed). So I am forcing myself to do what I say I love. Why is that so hard?

I love this new necklace I made.

necklace2.jpgSomeone gave me the green flower glass pendant. It’s some type of pressed flower, or it might even be plastic, encased in clear resin. I think. It’s really cool whatever it is. The chain it came with didn’t last. Or I didn’t like it. Can’t remember now. I probably broke it. LOL

I just recently bought some twine (my favorite cord to use for boho necklaces) and I had some leftover beads from bargin-bin shopping of yesteryear. I had the beads on a different necklace, but my daughter was wearing said necklace and it came apart. (I think because she was fiddling with it. LOL Oh well! Just an excuse to make a new necklace, right?!)

Whatchu think?

That saucer to the right of the necklace is my antique china saucer that I love. I have the cup somewhere, but I haven’t unpacked it yet. 🙂 Just thought the green and pink were lovely shades to match my new necklace.


have a peek
take a look
go inside
read our book

we don’t mind
where’ve you been?
we’ve been here
peek again

the only way
you’ll ever know
what we’re about?
in you go

see our pain
hear our voice
look this way
make a choice

please don’t leave
we understand
hard to see
from firsthand

you can go
it’s all right
come back though?
we don’t bite