had it up to *here* haikus

Progress in Congress?
Endless regress to nonsense.
Tax cut transgression.

White-collar version
Of looting and coercion–
Congressional bill

Congressmen make laws
For those who can foot the bill
With boots on our necks

Middle class kidnapped
Held ransom by Congress thugs
Don’t be/get taken


Drain the Swamp

An alligator
Might promise to drain the swamp.
But it’s all a croc.

Asking a gator
To drain the swamp is asking
Wolf for directions.

Sail Haiku

Only the insane
Would sail from a safe harbor
Crazy for the sea

Sails don’t always fly
Sometimes we all lose our wind
True sailors make waves

Sailing in the sea
Upon wooden boards and hope
Wanted: wood and sea

Sails fly high above
My troubles sink far below
Rock me down to peace

Sailboat harbor home
Only for a tiny rest
Tomorrow: the world

Towing home the sun
Bringing in the clouds to shore
Now the day is done

Here, so much I saw
Witness to what God has borne
Sea, fish, birds, and sky

jetty sunset.jpg

famous haikus

celebrity placed
where your holy God should be
shall ruin whole worlds

man on pedestal
at the space atop your heart?
precious star will fall

who wants wealth and fame?
those who cannot solve poor fates
with good, earnest means.

no person’s perfect
so do not worship people
no one is worthy

love and cling to God
and no man can ever drown
buoyant hope of good

put God first in all
don’t confuse divinity
with celebrity

I am incredibly saddened by this week (month, year) of disgusting news. But I do not put my faith in man. I trust God. And that is some good news.



Scars are proof that once
You were sick. And now you’re healed
All shiny, slick, thick.

Scars shine in the light.
The bleeding’s done, no more night.
Morning’s torn, all’s right.

I don’t mind scars now.
Reminders of my power
To heal deepest hurt.

Won’t be seen again
I’ve been wounded deep within
Hold it back with skin