Discordant chorus of
Infernal, eternal, internal voices
Formed before
The world ignored us
Before I even had a chance to explore this shore
Limited potential and forbidden choices
Abhorrent horrors from exposure
To bored-out scornful, forlorn explosions
Courage sworn to the godforsaken
Savior mistaken for a coarse mannered whore
Spirit shut behind the door
Hopes drowned in aimless ardor
Sore and torn starving carnivore
Aborted glory flung on the floor
Poured out vigor nevermore
Lost my valor in your distorted war
You won’t forget my dying roar


yes, we can.

no one has to do it all
we can share the work
you don’t have to walk so tall
especially when it hurts

submit to being led
when everything comes to a crawl
let me be your feather bed
when you need a place to fall

it’s not possible to always be strong
one day you’ll skip and stumble
feeling weak is not wrong
just don’t forget to be humble

no one’s ever flawless
everyone makes mistakes
somewhere deep in this solace
is the place our heart awakes

give grace and be open to receive
simple premise that promises perfection
dare hope and we shall believe
let this be our invocation

10-word poems

I saw a prompt today on Facebook in a writing group. 10-word poems. Feel free to leave one in the comments!

All I ever wanted was everything.
Turns out,
It’s you.

Warm room.
Foggy windows.
Red cheeks.
Big sweater.

Children playing with Christmas toys.
Knee-deep in shredded wrapping joys.

(Is knee-deep one word?? LOL)

Ten-word poems are tricky
When you don’t fully understand hyphens.

Please leave me a 10-word poem!! 😀 It’s fun. Write something today!