I know it’s over 2 months away, but I found this old picture from film photography class.


And I just love it. Love the contrast and blurry flower urn background.

Here’s a spooky collage for all you costume-wearing, scary-loving weirdos!

halloween collage.jpg

Here’s a weird dream to boot.

I have a recurring dream–(no, not the “I’m in a store and I’m naked and I need clothes, but I don’t have any money” dream)

The house I’m living in is sinking. The foundation is giving way. Everything is all crooked. I’m usually in the kitchen.

The key to fixing the problem, which is usually a floor that is so slanted you cannot stand or walk, is to find a secret room that is desperately in need of repair. (No, I get it. Believe me.)

We tear down the secret room and find out we have all this extra space. (No, really. I get it.)

Don’t think you have to be a therapist to figure this one out. The secret room is in my brain and if I just tear down all the junky old stuff? I can make room for new relationships and new materials and new, safe, secure building blocks for a solid life.

It’s not a nightmare, just gives me this really uneasy feeling, unsettled, anxious, like I have to fix the problem immediately. Having a house where the foundation is crumbling leaves me feeling very nervous, worried.

But I’m tired of living with everything off kilter. :/

Plus. Here’s a ghost story. Spooky! Footsteps on the Stairs

What are you wearing for Halloween?? Got any juicy ghost stories you want to share on my blog? I’ll host your ghost post on my site!

Host for Ghost Posts

Any dabblings with demons? Run-ins with ghosts? Natural phenomena that raised the hair on the back of your neck?

Feel free to send me your ghost posts and I’ll publish them on my site. Send to martha.maggio@sbcglobal.net, or post in the comments! I want this to be an ongoing thread, so send away.

I can also publish anonymously. ‘Cause I get it. It can seem a little kooky.

Loch Ness Cheeto

So, yeah. This was a Cheeto we found this summer by the pool. CheetosĀ® Brand Snacks has (or had) a contest to submit your weird Cheeto finds. I thought it looked like a giraffe’s head or, of course, Nessie. They might have used this very Cheeto to fake the infamous photo from 1934. (The Surgeon’s Photo) I don’t know how it wound up in our bag, but good that we debunked the photo finally! Once and for all.

I really want that Cheeto. I’m hungry. :/