Rag Wreath Therapy

To keep my Crafty status, I make a craft once a month or so. I’m going crazy on rag wreaths. I don’t know why I like ’em so much other than they are so easy to make and I love the texture. I’ve made like 7 recently for gifts and to keep some around the house. Super cheap and you can put it together while streaming Netflix. 🙂 It’s a very comforting project. It’s like sewing, but not. Wish I could sell ’em. 🙂 When I give them to people, they can’t help but touch them. And keep touching them. LOL It’s very soothing and tactile. It’s a fidget spinner for adults! Baby blanket with textures.

rag wreath white and blue

This one’s really fluffy and full. It will probably never show dust because it’s mostly white. It’s a very tranquil pastime putting one together. Try it! You just need a wire wreath form and your favorite colors or scraps of fabric. Cotton works best since you can rip it instead of cutting all the individual pieces. Ripping it gives that rag look anyway. And ripping is therapeutic!

Here are the wire forms:

green metal boxed wire wreath form

Available at any craft store usually. Even Walmart has them. If you want to go in there. LOL

Cut up and old sheet or curtain even and start tying! Single knot around the frame, tie on the wire. It will stay, believe me. Once you jam all your fabric on, it’s too tight to come loose. Show me your projects! What are your favorite patterns or colors?

My daughter said this looks like an angel in wreath form. LOL And my husband said it looked like a fluffy sunshower storm cloud.


Rag Wreath

So I posted a pic a coupla weeks ago of my rag wreath. But here’s the wreath with accents!

wreath.jpgWe finally made some flowers for it! I love it. My daughter did the transparent white dahlia. I think she nailed it. Beautiful! Then I hung a pretty butterfly pendant necklace in the middle.

We used things we already had to embellish. A hair bow, old silk flower, brown paper dahlia that I made, some mismatch buttons/beads and some fabric I gathered into a flower. Done!

Love! Very fall-like to me. 🙂 Very shabby chic.

Rag Wreath

My inner Crafty Beaver is coming out! I made this cute rag wreath for fall. I think it looks like dry fall leaves. It is a four-wire wreath with strips of cotton tied to the wire. The wire wreath cost $3.49 and I had the material laying around. About 3 yards or so. I ripped the dark red rags in 1-2 inch strips. Cotton rips on the grain, so you don’t have to cut. Always rips a straight line and leaves a nice frayed edge.

The brown accent color I had to cut. But it has stitching in the material, so I could use that as a guide to cut it straight. It’s a faux suede leather material that is shiny on one side and soft, short-nap velour texture on the other. It gives great contrast and texture from shiny to suede-y.

So, you just cut or rip your strips and then tie them on the four-wire.

green metal boxed wire wreath form
This is what a four-wire looks like. Without strips of rags tied to it!

One or two simple knots for each strip of fabric. It’s very full. You only need about 6-10 strips for each wire on each section. Depends on how thick your fabric is.

I would like to add some fabric flowers made from material or just a great big fake flower to accent. I think a nice off-white peony or something would go well. Or what’s your idea for my wreath??

I think this would look cool with grays, whites and blacks, too. With a yellow accent flower or something. What do you think?

I made this in just a coupla of hours. Took less than a day. Think I could sell these? 😀 Less than $10 to make. I love it!!

Thanks for checking it out.